Pre-Clerkship Years 1 and 2

medical students at anesthesia bootcamp


This program allows students to observe a variety of medical specialties so students can make more informed career choices. Students are encouraged to visit the Operating Room and interact one to one with an anesthetist for a full day or half a day.

During this time, they have the opportunity to discuss the role that an anesthetist plays in the provision of clinical care and the kinds of intellectual and psychomotor skills that are necessary to become an anesthetist.

An attempt is made to provide an overview of the physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology that anesthetists must know.

As well, some of the equipment used and procedures performed by anesthetists are demonstrated.

Interested students should contact Charlotte Sikatori McLain.   

Please check out the Schulich Medicine Observership webpage for more detailed program description and application instructions.

*Please note: We do not schedule observerships in the evenings, on weekends or on statutory holidays.

Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Elective

The Non-credit Pre-clinical Summer Elective (NPSE) program provides up to three voluntary, non-curricular opportunities for Year 1 and 2 Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry students to learn from physicians at their clinical practice. These opportunities should be coordinated by the student, with the assistance of the Department and the UGME office. 

While the NPSE is intended to provide a more intensive, hands-on learning experience than an observership, students and preceptors are reminded that a clinical rotation has not yet been completed as part of the students' undergraduate medical education. Strict supervision is required.

Please contact Charlotte Sikatori McLain to make the appropriate arrangements and visit the Schulich Pre-clerkship webpage for more detailed program description and application instructions.