Paediatric Anesthesia

Dr. Mohamad Ahmad
Program Director

Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre

At the London Health Sciences Centre, the hospital within a hospital model is employed, with the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario embedded within the larger framework of Victoria Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Over 5,000 pediatric surgical cases pass through our operating rooms each year. Operations range from craniofacial reconstruction, scoliosis repair, general orthopedics and trauma, to ENT, urology and general surgery procedures. We are one of the few centers performing pediatric liver transplantation. Pediatric anesthesia support is provided by a subspecialty call group that is available for advice and assistance at all times.

Children are reviewed daily in the Pediatric Preadmission Clinic. At that time, suitability for our "NAP" Program (Parental Presence at Induction) is determined. A discussion regarding post-operative analgesia is carried out at that time as well. Post-operative PCA or epidural analgesia for children is supervised by our Acute Pain Service Team.

Our residency program includes a minimum three-month block of training in the art and science of pediatric anesthesia. We also provide training for residents in other specialties as well as for other health care professionals.

Outside of the operating room, our Department provides sedation services for hematology-oncology procedures, endoscopies, MRI and CT scans, as well as interventional radiology procedures and cardiac catheterizations.

Our subspecialty group is active in other areas of the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario with ongoing involvement in fundraising and education. We also provide servers and barbeque experts for the Annual Teddy Bear Picnic!