Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Electives

Registration for 2021/22 Academic Year is now open and will close on June 19, 2022 at 11:00 p.m.

Non-Credit Pre-Clerkship Summer Clinical Electives Registration Steps

Non-Credit Pre-Clerkship Summer Clinical Elective Application – Windsor Placement


Students in Year 1 or 2 who are not enrolled in MED5010 during the summer months are not protected by Western University’s general and professional liability insurance.

The NPSE Period runs from June 6, 2022 to August 26, 2022.

Note: UME NPSE program is not responsible for electives arranged through exchange programs such as CFMS/IFMSA.

There are three types of NPSE:

  1. Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Clinical Elective (NPSCE): A clinical learning opportunity during which a student receives at minimum of 30 hours of clinical instruction while interacting with patients in a clinical setting. It involves shadowing, observing, and participation in patient care under strict supervision by a legally licensed medical practitioner (preceptor).

  2. Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Research Elective (NPSRE): A structured research learning opportunity during which a student works a minimum of four weeks with a faculty supervisor.

  3. Combined Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Clinical and Research Elective (NPSCRE): A Combined NPSCRE is primarily for students involved in a research project but who would also like to accompany the same preceptor during their clinical duties on intermittent days.


  • A one-time registration fee of $60 will be billed by the Registrar’s Office. (All research summer electives are exempt from this fee.  This includes SRTP/SROP/SWORP.)
  • Students participating in a NPSE are protected by Western University’s general and professional liability insurance but no additional accident or injury insurance is provided by the School.

To qualify an opportunity must:

  • begin after last curricular session in June and end before start of first curricular session in August/September
  • meet a minimum of four weeks (research) or 30 hours (clinical)
    • For this year only, each opportunity with an individual preceptor must be a minimum of 10 hours.  The combined total of hours worked with all preceptors must meet a minimum of 30 hours.

To participate the student must:

  • complete all mandatory LHSC online modules as a principle of best practice in pre-clinical training.
  • The UME Office is not responsible for ensuring/verifying that students have completed this training.
  • Failure by the student to complete the required modules prior to participating in the NPSE program will be considered to be a breach of professionalism.
  • pay the registration fee.
  • provide the preceptor/supervisor with both the Acceptance and Feedback forms through the Elentra system.
  • abide by all COVID-19 restrictions/requirements/policies at each site/department.

The faculty supervisor (for NPSE) must:

  • complete required Elentra forms within stated deadlines.
  • discuss specific learning objectives with the student and which objectives will meet.