Electives Year 4

Thank you for your interest in an experience in Anesthesiology at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Anesthesiology combines physiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology and resuscitative skills and measures including advanced airway management and vascular access.

The provision of anesthetic services involves the preoperative evaluation and optimization of patients with a variety of medical conditions; the facilitation of the surgical or diagnostic procedure with general and/or regional anesthesia; and compensation for the surgical insult and potential deleterious effects of our anesthetic agents.

It also includes the postoperative management of the recovery phase of anesthesia and the surgical insult as well as the acute and often ongoing management of pain.

The electives offered span the perioperative care of adult, obstetric and pediatric patients as well as acute and chronic pain, regional anesthesia and critical care.

The environment for learning will be hands on, in the OR, during the conduct of anesthesia by a supervising consultant. You are encouraged to attend resident or fellows rounds prior to the start of the OR day but the most important part of your learning will be experiential. Each day to will be assigned to an operating, procedure or imaging room.

The Anesthesia Elective is a two week rotation. Students may be assigned to one or two of three teaching hospitals in London; LHSC University Hospital, LHSC Victoria Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Care.

For more information on the available electives and the application process, visit the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Website for Year 4 and Visiting Student electives.