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Dr. Achal Dhir
Program Director

Transplant Faculty:  Dr. Anthony Vannelli, Dr. Marc St-Amand, Dr. Ramiro ArellanoDr. Stephen MorrisonDr. Phil Jones, and Dr. Nelson Gonzalez.

The liver transplantation program continues to provide excellent clinical care to patients for liver transplantation, liver resections and major Hepato-biliary surgeries. There were two additions - Dr. Phil Jones and Dr. Nelson Gonzales joined the liver group in 2017. Apart from his clinical experience, Dr. Jones brings research expertise, and this will provide a boost to our research program. After completing his super fellowship, Dr. Gonzales also joined the group. He is pursuing a master's program and we look forward to collaborating with him.

From January to December 2017, our team provided anesthesia for 52 liver transplantations including five critically ill recipients from the ICU. This also included a combined liver-kidney transplant. 45 livers came from the brain dead donors while 7 were donations after cardiac death. During the same period, our group also provided services for sixty eight major liver resections. The team is also involved with preoperative assessment and optimization of patients before they are listed for liver transplant.

We run a successful fellowship program with two current fellows. Dr. Maria Aspi from the Philippines joined in January 2017 and completed her fellowship in December. Dr. Franklin Dawkins after completing cardiac fellowship replaced Dr. Sonja Payne in July 2017. Apart from receiving excellent clinical experience, our fellows are also involved with research and academic activities. We also conduct monthly PBLDs and journal clubs. Liver Transplantation Anesthesia group attends Transplant rounds regularly and participates in "Liver assessment" and "M & M" rounds conducted by Transplant surgeons and Hepatology colleagues.

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