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Visiting International Student, Physician & Scholar Program (VISPS)

Visiting International Student, Physician & Scholar Program (VISPS)

We are happy to welcome international visitors to our department as observers, i.e. no patient contact. This includes university students, medical students, residents, fellows, and physicians who are not from the Canadian medical system and who have no prior contact with our department.


Maximum duration for an observership is 2 weeks at each hospital site: University Hospital, Victoria Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

We have a blackout period in July and August in which we do not welcome international observers.


  1.  Submission of our application form at least 4 months prior to your start date.
  2. 1-page letter outlining your goals for this observership.
  3. Payment of an observership fee


Ms. Charlotte Sikatori McLain, Program Administrator

Dr. Mauricio Giraldo VISPS Coordinator

Fee schedule:

Include cancellation fee $25

1 week: $125

2 weeks: $225 (+ $100 for additional week)

3 weeks: $300 (+ $75 for additional week)

4 weeks: $350 (+ $50 for additional week)

5 weeks: $375 (+ $25 for additional week)

6 weeks: $400 (+ $25 for additional week)