Optional Clinical Learning Opportunities


OBJECTIVE: To explore career opportunities in the community during the academic year. 

Optional Clinical Learning Opportunities (OCLO) placements starting prior to September 30, 2022 or registered after June 3, 2023 will not be approved.

For information about summer opportunities, please see MED5010: Non-Credit Pre-Clerkship Summer Electives (NPSE). 

OCLO Registration Process Details
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What is an Optional Clinical Learning Opportunity (OCLO)? 

An Optional Clinical Learning Opportunity (OCLO) is a learning experience (formerly “Observership”) where a student learns approaches to patient care under a faculty educator in an affililated School learning facility. 

An OCLO is supplemental to Program curriculum and will NOT replace the requirements for mandatory session attendance as outlined in the Program Attendance Statement. The Program envisions students utilizing OCLOs for deeper curricular understanding using clinical experience in a discipline aligned with curriculum content, to advance competency in clinical care skills and explore career interests across disciplines of medicine. 
These experiences are not part of the curriculum requirements for progression in the MD Program.

Before registering, students must review all of the following important information. 

  • All OCLOs must be registered through the Program. This is mandatory for learner safety, providing student insurance coverage; and tracking of faculty teaching hours. OCLOs are registered with Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Hub and require approval by the Program Office prior to taking place. 
  • A minimum of ten (10) working days is required to process the registration. 
  • All LSHC online modules must be complete prior to registering for an OCLO.If you need assistance, please contact Medical Affairs at 519-685-8500 ext. 44357 or Medical.Affairs@londonhospitals.ca 
  • Important: Please confirm with your OCLO preceptor that wearing an N95 is NOT Required.  If an N95 is required and you are not fit-tested, you may NOT participate in an OCLO that requires an N95 at this time.  


Our Schulich M.D. Students have already met the online training and health requirements and as such, we do not require the students to complete any of the Medical Affairs Observership Appendices. It is important, however, that preceptors be made aware of this policy outline. 

Observerships arranged via student Mentorship Programs cannot be registered in Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Hub, and are not approved OCLO through the Undergraduate Medical Education Office. 

OCLO’s require that learners be up to date on their immunization documentation including influenza and COVID vaccination.  To aid in this, please ensure that you have uploaded your documentation to synergy so we can readily pull a report to provide proof that our learners are in compliance.  

Influenza Documentation Upload Instructions
COVID Documentation Upload Instructions 
If you need helpcontact Synergy

OCLOs can be affected by COVID. 

Please use the provincial self-assessment tool first before attending any OCLO.  If the tool indicates you do not need to self-isolate, you will likely be able to attend the OCLO.  However, the hospital or site will require you to complete additional screening before you can enter the facility.

If you are feeling unwell or the provincial tool indicates you should self-isolate, do not attend the OCLO and do not complete any hospital or site screening. Unlike entry to campus which requires that you must wait five days after a COVID diagnosis or close contact, entry in a hospital after a close contact, or confirmed / presumed COVID diagnosis requires that you are asymptomatic for 24 hours, and ten days since your last close contact or COVID diagnosis.  

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