Windsor Anesthesia

Dr. Alexander Briskin, MD, FRCPC

Program Director

windsor hospitals logoWindsor clerks are equally distributed between 2 hospitals: Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (HDGH) and Windsor Region (WR). Each of the hospitals have a unique flavor. At HDGH students are exposed to thoracic, vascular, neurosurgical and trauma programs as well as a high volume cataract clinic. At the WR site they can see OBGY and pediatric surgery cases that are not represented at the HDGH site.

The Windsor Campus emphasizes hands-on experience while teaching a curriculum similar to the London sites. Having only one to two learners for ten ORs at a time gives us a unique opportunity to teach practical anesthesia skills. Further, many HDGH staff have international training and work experience thereby exposing students to a variety of styles and techniques. A high surgical volume makes this experience even more attractive. In a two week core rotation it is not unusual for our students to perform twenty to thirty intubations and more than a one hundred peripheral IVs.

Students with a special interest in Anesthesia and Surgery are allowed to practice central and arterial lines and spinal punctures under close staff supervision. We have state of the art video bronchoscopes, glidescopes and ultrasound machines to facilitate teaching these procedures.

Overall the breadth of experience, the variety of surgical and anesthesia procedures and the depth of practical exposure make the Windsor Anesthesia teaching program a unique and valuable component of medical student and resident education.