Competence By Design

Welcome to our Department's space for Competence by Design (CBD) as we transition to a competency-based medical education system (CBME) for our anesthesiology residents July 2017, a change that is occurring for all anesthesia residency programs across Canada.


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CBD is a wide sweeping cultural shift in medical education that touches almost every facet of a residency training program. It will impact consultants in their daily interactions and require them to act like coaches for residents, and will eventually change the way we approach Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for practicing consultants.

The specialty of Anesthesiology is one of two specialties that will act as early adopters for the CBD transition. Because Anesthesiology is at the forefront of this transition, the teaching models, documents, frameworks, and guidelines we create will be of great interest to all remaining specialties that will switch over to CBD from 2017-2022.
We believe in the spirit of sharing and creating a dialogue amongst medical educators, thus you will find materials that we will be using for faculty development and resident development.
Please watch this space closely as it will be updated on a regular basis.
Anita Cave
Residency Program Director
Melissa Chin
CBD Lead, Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine