Palliative Medicine

Dr. Valerie Schulz
Program Director

Palliative Care in the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, is becoming integrated in the Comprehensive Pain Management Program. This is a hospital wide integration of perioperative pain management initiative with the Acute Pain and Chronic Pain Programs. Palliative Care is provided throughout acute care including the Critical Care Units and chronic care as well.

The Palliative Care service is often involved in the Chronically Critically Ill and complex patient population in Critical Care. In order to strengthen continuity of care and communication amongst multiple interdisciplinary team members, this work lead to a research project for the Critical Care Board Rounds. This is a case conferencing process of care.

From an education standpoint, Palliative Care providers are involved in undergraduate medical education for both Palliative Care and Population Health. The medical student’s Palliative Care education has been strengthened by a Palliative Care Club and students being trained as Hospice Volunteers. As well, an application for a Palliative Care Residency Program is also being completed this year.