Evaluation Form and Current Events

Evaluations for city-wide grand rounds, perioperative multidisciplinary rounds, site-specific rounds, and any of the accredited departmental rounds are now accessible in VENTIS. Please continue to check your VENTIS Dashboard for any incomplete assessments.  


2016 City-Wide, Site-Specific Rounds

Date Presenter Presentation Title Rounds
January 13 Dr. Phil Jones REDCap - Why use it and How to use it Research Rounds (UH)
January 13 Dr. Kiarash Mohajer (Resident) A Case of Tamponade VH Site-Specific Rounds
January 20 Dr. Ekta Khemani and Daryl Gray  ERAS: Are We Making the Mark? A Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Initiative Perioperative and Multidisciplinary Rounds
January 27 Dr. Ronit Lavi PFO and Perioperative Risk of Delirium in Patients Undergoing Elective Hip or Knee Arthroplasties, Where Do We Go From Here? Research Rounds (UH)
February 10 Dr. John Murkin Serendipity and the Scientific Method: An Overview of Three Decades as a Clinical Investigator Research Rounds (UH)
February 10 Dr. Jessica Jiang (Resident) Management of the Unanticipated Difficult Pediatric Airway VH Site-Specific Rounds
February 10 Dr. Ekta Khemani Resuscitating M & M Rounds: Introducing Quality Improvement Rounds M & M Rounds (UH)
February 17 Dr. Meena Cherian Evolution of Emergency & Essential Surgical Care at WHO culminating in World Health Assembly Resolution City-Wide Grand Rounds
February 24 Dr. Caitlin Gallagher (Resident) OSA in the Perioperative Period UH Site-Specific Rounds
February 24 Dr. Dalal Dahrouj (Resident) Perioperative Anaphylaxis VH Site-Specific Rounds
March 9 Dr. Isabel Arias (Fellow) How to Anti-Coagulate a Patient in Neurointerventions UH Site-Specific Rounds
March 9 Dr. Jason Fridfinnson (Resident) Shelter from the Storm VH Site-Specific Rounds
March 23 Dr. Natalie Melton (Resident) Adrenal Tumors: Pheo and Beyond UH Site-Specific Rounds
March 23 Dr. Ian McConachie, Dr. Melanie Zimmerman, Meagan Furnivall Skin-to-Skin Multidisciplinary Rounds VH Combined Rounds
March 30 Dan Jaremko Moving from APMSS to VENTIS - What this means to everyone City-Wide Grand Rounds

April 13

Dr. Philip Jones REDCap: Randomization Module - A Tutorial Research Rounds
April 13

Dr. Hilda Alfaro (Fellow)

Importance of Reflective Practice in the Context of Medical Education UH Site-Specific Rounds
April 20 Dr. Clyde Matava eLearning in Medical Education: Still Fad or the Future?  City-Wide Grand Rounds
April 27 Dr. Rudy Noppens Oxygenate the Brain! UH Site-Specific Rounds
April 27 Dr. Beth Oeming Operation Walk 2016:  My Experience in Cuenca, Ecuador VH Site-Specific Rounds
May 11 Dr. Tim Turkstra Airway Research Update
May 11 Dr. Deepti Vissa (Fellow) Respiratory Depression Requiring Nalozone Administration in PACU at UH - Clinical Audit Report UH Site Specific Rounds
May 11 Dr. Magdalena Terlecki VH Site-Specific Rounds
May 18 Drs. Nicole Quigley, Shannon Arntfield Warm Care, Cold Data: Using Patient-centered Care City-Wide Multidisciplinary Perioperative Rounds
May 25 Dr. Lina (Hwa) Lee All That Germs - Review of Perioperative Infection and Anesthesia Practice UH Site-Specific Rounds
June 8 Dr. Adrienne Carr THAM UH Site-Specific Rounds
June 8 Dr. Takis (Peter) Tryphonopoulos A Case of Intraoperative Hypotension VH Site-Specific Rounds
June 15 Dr. Ravi Taneja Heparin and Protamine in Cardiac surgery - A Mixed Methods Study City-Wide Grand Rounds
June 22 Dr. Faraj Abdallah Regional Anesthesia to Optimize Perioperative Outcomes - Can We Do Better?  UH Site-Specific Rounds
June 22 Drs. Matt Banasch & Dr. Hesham Youssef The Quandary of Considerations: Heading Trouble Off at the Pass | A case of Mediastinal Mass VH Site-Specific Rounds
June 29 Drs. Matthew Chong, Lina Lee, & Natalie Melton

CAS Presentations

Research Rounds
June 29 Dr. Zameer Pirani (Resident) Anesthetic Considerations in Organ Procurement UH Site-Specific Rounds
June 29 Dr. Fraser Bebbington (Resident) VH Site-Specific Rounds