2016 CAS Annual Meeting: Faculty presentations, workshops and more!

cas-2016-meetingWe are pleased to announce that many of our faculty members, residents, and fellows will be participating at the 2016 Canadian Anesthesiologists' Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Here is a brief overview of presentations and events that will be led by our faculty.

And for faculty, alumni, fellows and residents, please plan to attend our Annual Department Reception

Resident Research Competition

Dr. Matthew Chong (PGY2) will compete in this years' nation-wide CAS Resident Research Competition. This is a tremendous honour, so please join us in cheering him on! Mark the date in your calendar or scan the QR code to save the date!  2016-cas-qrcode
The Vigilance Study: A Pilot RCT of Continuous Pulse Oximetry and Wireless Clinician Notification Post-Surgery
James Paul, Norman Buckley, Toni Tidy, Diane Buckley
Roanne Preston, Peter Ramon-Moliner
Patient Safety
Monday, June 27, 2016 - 08:00 - 09:45

More Research Presentations

Title: Transfusion Triggers in Critical Care and Surgery: A Meta-Analysis
Presenter: Matthew Chong (PGY2)
Moderators: Brad Merriman, Faisal Siddiqui
Coauthors: Rohin Krishnan, Janet Martin
Track: Critical Care Medicine
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 10:15-12:00
Title: Patent Foramen Ovale and Delirium Risk in Elective Hip or Knee Surgery
Presenter: Lina (Hwa) Lee (PGY3)
Coauthors: Nan Gai (PGY4), Ronit Lavi, Philip Jones, Douglas Naudie, Robert Mayer, Daniel Bainbridge
Track: Cardiovascular and Thoracic 
Date/Time: Saturday, June 25, 2016
Title: Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Expedited Pathway: Same Day Discharge Feasibility Study
Presenter: Natalie Melton (PGY3)
Moderators: Derek Dilane, James Green
Coauthors: Shalini Dhir, George Atwal, Darren Drosdowech, Kevin Armstrong
Track: Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 09:00-09:45
Title: Chronic Post-Surgical Pain After Mastectomy: Systematic Review
Presenter: Hesham Youssef (PGY5)
Moderators: Collin Clarke, John Hanlon
Coauthors: Qutaiba Tawfic, Maria Lopera-Velasquez (Fellow)
Track: Pain: Chronic - Basic and Clinical
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 13:00-14:45 
Title: Unknown Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava in Hiatus Hernia Patient
Presenter: Hilda Alfaro (Fellow)
Coauthors: Achal Dhir, Mauricio Giraldo (Fellow)
Track: Cardiovascular and Thoracic
Date/Time: Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 12:00-13:00
Title: Pulmonary Veins Flow Variation in One Lung Ventilation - Submission
Presenter: Hilda Alfaro (Fellow)
Coauthors: Daniel Bainbridge, Mauricio Giraldo (Fellow), Philip Jones, Ronit Lavi, Bob Kiaii, Michael Chu
Track: Cardiovascular and Thoracic
Date/Time: Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 12:00-13:00
Title: Evaluation of a Semi-Automated Non-Invasive SSEP Device
Presenter: Tim Turkstra
Coauthor: John Murkin
Track: Equipment Monitoring
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 12:00-13:00
Title: Perioperative Complications & Stopbang Scores: A Meta-Analysis
Presenter: Mahesh Nagappa (Fellow)
Coauthors: Frances Chung 
Track: Ambulatory
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26
Title: Early Goal Directed Therapy vs. Usual Care for Sepsis: A Meta-Analysis
Presenter: Aiswarya Lekshmi Pillai
Coauthors: Junsong Gong, Davy Cheng, Janet Martin
Track: Critical Care Medicine and Trauma
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 2016
Title: ERAS: Are We Making the Mark? A Quality Improvement Initiative
Presenter: Ekta Khemani 
Moderators: Brad Merriman, Faisal Siddiqui
Coauthors: Daryl Gray, Mark Czuczman, Charlotte Dawson, Benjamin Flesher, Fatemah Qasem (Fellow), Ian McConachie, Kelly Vogt, Karen Dunn, Ken Leslie
Track: Health Management
Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 10:15-12:00
Title: Applying a Quality Lens to Case Reports in Anesthesia
Presenter: Ekta Khemani
Moderators: Peter Ramon-Moliner, Jordan Tarshis
Coauthors: Brieanne McConnell, Zachary Davidson (PGY1), Bethany Oeming (PGY2), Sandy Giris, Sean O'Byrne, Clyde Matava
Track: Education and Simulation
Date/Time: Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 13:00-14:45
Title: Design and Assessment of Patient Specific, Dynamic Mitral Valve Model
Presenter: John Moore
Moderator: Dr. Richard Hall
Coauthors; Daniel Bainbridge, Terry Peters
Track: Cardiovascular and Thoracic
Date/Time: Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 10:15-12:00

Meeting Overview

Friday, June 24

Title: Hands-on Perioperative Point of Care Ultrasound Course (POCUS)
Leader:  Dr. Massimilano Meineri
Instructors: Dr. Ramiro Arellano, Dr. Cristian Arzola, Dr. Peter Collins, Dr. Andre Denault, Dr. Ashraf Fayad, Dr. Duane Funk, Dr. Han Kim, Dr. Richelle Kruisselbrink, Dr. Marelise Kruger, Dr. Anahi Perlas, Dr. Surita Sidhu, Dr. Rob Tanzola, Dr. Adriaan Van Rensburg, Dr. Annette Vegas, Dr. Masaru Yukawa
Track: Perioperative
Time/Location: 08:00-18:00

Saturday, June 25

Title: Treating Patients with Both Pain and Substance Use Disorders
Moderator:  Dr. Collin Clarke
Presenters:  Dr. Annabel Mead
Track: Chronic Pain Management

09:00-09:45 - Room 223-224

Title: Critical Care Update for the Anesthesiologist 
Leader:  Dr. Duane Funk
Presenters: Dr. Duane Funk, Dr. Ahmed Hegazy, Dr. Brian Kavanagh, Dr. Tobias Witter
Track: Critical Care Medicine and Trauma

10:15-12:00 - Room 223-224

Title: MSK Exam and Ultrasound Intervention
Leader:  Dr. John Hanlon
Instructors:  Dr. Collin Clarke, Dr. David Flamer, Dr. Mike Pariser (Former Fellow), Dr. Muxin Sun
Track: Chronic Pain Management

10:15-12:00 - Room 208-209

Title: Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia: Fact, Fiction, and Perioperative Implications
Moderator:  Dr. Collin Clarke
Presenter:  Dr. Thomas Buchheit
Track: Chronic Pain Management

13:00-14:45 - Room 223-224

Title: Anesthetic Management of Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery in Prone Position
Moderator:  Dr. Helene Pellerin
Presenters:  Dr. Jason Chui
Track: Neuroanesthesia

15:15-17:00 - Room 220

Title: Law Enforcement's Perspective on Prescription Drug Abuse 
Moderator:  Dr. Collin Clarke
Presenters:  A/S/Sgt. Darin Sheppard
Track: Chronic Pain Management

15:15-17:00 - Room 221-222

Title: Ultrasound Guidance for Upper Trunk Blocks
Instructors:  Dr. Ioana Costache, Dr. Shalini Dhir, Dr. Derek Dillane, Dr. Vishal Uppal
Track: Regional and Acute Pain Workshop

15:15-17:00 - Room 202-203

Sunday, June 26

Title: Royal College Examination Prep 
Moderator:  Dr. Elizabeth Miller
Presenters:  Dr. Sandra Katsiris
Track: Residents

10:15-11:00 - Room 212

Title: Factors Predicting Impact of Pediatric Anesthesia Case Reports 
Presenter:  Dr. Ekta Khemani
Track: Pediatric


Title: Current Practice: Thrombectomy for Acute Stroke
Moderator:  Dr. Timothy Tursktra
Presenters:  Dr. Melinda Davis, Dr. Manraj Heran
Track: Neuroanesthesia

13:00-14:45 - Room 221-222

Title: CAS MEDICI WORKSHOP: What Proportion of Evidence in Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Is Valid and Relevant?
Instructors:  Dr. Davy Cheng, Dr. Janet Martin
Track: Research

13:00-14:45 - Room 211

Title: Ultrasound Guidance for Blocks of the Lower Trunk 
Leader:  Dr. Kwesi Kwofie
Instructors: Dr. James Green, Dr. Paul McHardy, Dr. Indu Singh
Track: Regional and Acute Pain

13:00-14:45 - Room 202-203

Title: Acute-Basic & Clinical Pain: Chronic-Basic & Clinical Pain Poster Discussion
Moderator:  Dr. Collin Clarke
Presenters:  Dr. John Hanlon
Track: Pain: Acute - Basic & Clinical

13:00-14:45 - Ballroom Foyer

Title: Setting up a CQI Program
Moderator:  Dr. Daniel Bainbridge
Presenters:  Dr. Ekta Khemani
Track: Patient Safety

16:00-16:45 - Room 109

Title: Your Chance to Improve World Health Through WFSA
Moderator:  Dr. Daniel Bainbridge
Presenters:  Dr. David Wilkinson
Track: Faculty Development

16:45-17:15 - Room 109

Monday, June 27

Title: Point of Care Ultrasound. Where Are We Going and How Do We Get There?
Moderator:  Dr. Greg Bryson
Presenters:  Dr. Ramiro Arellano, Dr. Massimiliano Meineri
Track: Perioperative

08:00-09:45 - Room 217-218

Title: How to Monitor Your Brain - Flow vs. Metabolic 
Moderator:  Dr. Marie-Helene Tremblay
Presenters:  Dr. Donald Griesdale, Dr. John Murkin
Track: Chronic Pain Management, Perioperative

08:00-09:45 - Room 201

Title:  Antiplatelets, Anticoagulation and Neuraxial Anesthesia: Avoiding Complications in Vascular Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Daniel Bainbridge
Presenter: Dr. Ryan Smith
Track: Patient Safety
Time/Location:  10:00-10:25 - Room 201
Title:  From Chalkboard to Wikis: Demystifying the Millenial Learner
Moderator: Dr. Daniel Bainbridge
Presenter: Dr. Anne Wong
Track: Education
Time/Location:  10:30-10:55 - Room 201
Title: Massive Hemorrhage Protocols - Triumphs and Challenges 
Moderator:  Dr. Daniel Bainbridge
Presenter:  Dr. Melanie Hollidge
Track: Critical Care and Trauma, Equipment and Monitoring, Patient Safety

11:00-11:30 - Room 201

Title: ACUDA: Anesthesia Leadership - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
Presenters: Dr. Davy ChengDr. Rosanne Preston
Section: Faculty Development

10:00 - 11:45 - Room 201

 Canadian Anesthesia Fellowship Fair: Sunday, June 26 (11am - 12pm)

Click here to register now, view the meeting brochure and more! 

Annual Department Reception

Please plan to attend our annual Department Alumni Reception being held at the CAS meeting in Vancouver. There will be a variety of light hot and cold snacks and beverages as usual.

Date - Sunday, June 26
Time - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location - West Meeting Room 221 in the Vancouver Convention Centre

Please invite other alumni, residents and fellows from our Department who are attending CAS. Family traveling with you are very welcome as well.

Enjoy the conference,

Lois Hayter, Manager of Administration and Finance