Dr. Daniel Bainbridge



Dr. Daniel Bainbridge completed both medical school and an anesthesiology residency program at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. He followed this with a fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesia at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Following this, he started working at the London Health Sciences Centre, and was appointed as the Director of Perioperative TEE. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Bainbridge has held many positions including Coordinator of the Cardiac Fellowship Program, Coordinator of the City-Wide Fellowship program, and Director of the Cardiac Anesthesia program.  Dr. Bainbridge has held numerous national positions including Annual Meeting Chair of the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS) as well as CAS President. 

Dr. Bainbridge is currently the Medical Director of the Cardiac Surgical Recovery Unit.

Current Research

  • Optimal port placement in Robotic Cardiac Surgery
  • Virtual Reality Needle tracking for interventions
  • Evidence based Perioperative Outcomes Research
  • Robotic/Minimally invasive Cardiac Surgery, Optimal Strategies
  • Ultrasound imaging in cardiac surgery
  • Ultrasound/Virtual reality guidance during beating heart endocardial procedures.

Honours and Awards

In 2011, Dr. Daniel Bainbridge received the CAS/GE Healthcare Canada Research Award in Perioperative Imaging.

Sponsored by GE Healthcare Canada, this award is for projects in the field of perioperative imaging related to anesthesia and/or critical care.

Dr. Bainbridge received this research award for his randomized trial: Virtual reality with ultrasound guidance versus ultrasound guidance alone for central line insertion.


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