Quality Improvement


QI How to Document
PDSA Cycle Overview
Flow Chart Overview and Template
Change Concepts and Ideas
Cause and Effect Diagran Overview and Template
Driver Diagram Overview and Template
Run Chart Overview and Template
How to Write up your QI Initiative for Publication 
Example QI Project - Brockman and Davie


National Health Services - Tools to complete improvement
The Family Practice Management - Management tools (e.g. surveys, handouts, codesheets, etc.) that you might want to use for your quality improvement project.
Western Research Committee Meeting Powerpoint - Powerpoint presentation that was given at each of the centres regarding QI projects

Helpful Resources

Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-term Care - Quality Improvement in Primary Care 
Centre for Quality, Innovation, and Safety, Schulich Medicine, Western University Quality Improvement Resources
Requirements for the collection and use of patient information - Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004
Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) - An A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI) Ethics Screening Tool
Health Quality Ontario - QI tools, stories, and resources
Quality in Family Practice: Book of Tools - Book of Tools ; Quality Book of Tools Resource Database
Institute for Healthcare Improvement - Knowledge Centre
Canadian Patient Safety Institute - Getting Started Toolkit
Roadmap for Quality Improvement - A guide for doctors (2006) - Useful overview for doctors.