Student Resources



  1.  LearnFM.

23 Scenarios with snapshot approaches to common family medicine problems.  Developed by a national group of family medicine teachers.

Extra Help/Info: Replayable Cards - Supported by the University of Calgary

  1. Dermatology iBook

A student-developed resource that highlights common presentations of skin conditions seen in family practice.       

Guideline Source

Prevention in Hand 

A repository of the latest evidence-based guidelines available by topic for family physicians

Family Medicine Textbooks

  1. Rakel R, Rakel, D. Textbook of Family Medicine, Ninth Edition. (Available on
  2. Evans M (Editor): Mosby's Family Practice Sourcebook – An Evidence-Based Approach to Care 4th Toronto: Elsevier Mosby, 2006.
  3. McWhinney, IR, Freeman, T. A Textbook of Family Medicine, Third Edition, New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. 

Case Studies

Preconception Counseling and the Prenatal Care Interview

Approach to Chronic Cough and Atopy

Approach to Back Pain

Approach to Sore Throat, Acne and Depression

Approach to Dementia

Expense Reimbursement 

Information on expense reimbursement for Family Medicine rotations can be found here