Student Resources



  1. SHARC-FM Clinical Cards

23 Scenarios with snapshot approaches to common family medicine problems.  Developed by a national group of family medicine teachers.

  1. Dermatology iBook

A student-developed resource that highlights common presentations of skin conditions seen in family practice.

Guideline Reviews

18 month well baby visit guidelines            
AOM guidelines                                       
Canadian Asthma guidelines                     
Canadian COPD guidelines                    
Canadian Dementia guidelines                
Canadian Hypertension guidelines              
Dyslipidemia guidelines                               
Ontario Cancer Screening guidelines            
Type 2 Diabetes guidelines                         

Guideline Sources

  1. Prevention in Hand 

A repository of the latest evidence-based guidelines available by topic for family physicians

Family Medicine Textbooks

  1. Rakel R, Rakel, D. Textbook of Family Medicine, Ninth Edition. (Available on
  2. Evans M (Editor): Mosby's Family Practice Sourcebook – An Evidence-Based Approach to Care 4th Toronto: Elsevier Mosby, 2006.
  3. McWhinney, IR, Freeman, T. A Textbook of Family Medicine, Third Edition, New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.