Year 3 Clerkship

The Department of Family Medicine at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, is committed to the education of medical students and has taken leading roles in curriculum and faculty development. One of the department's goals is to "teach all undergraduate medical students those aspects of medicine which family physicians are best able to teach". As such, the Department of Family Medicine is involved in numerous courses and initiatives throughout the undergraduate program.

Students will complete two Family Medicine rotations during their clerkship year, FM Core and FM Plus. London students will complete their FM Core rotation at one of our Full-time sites in or nearby London, Windsor students will complete this rotation in Windsor. 
London and Windsor students can complete FM Plus rotations at any of our rural sites, or in London or Windsor. The goal of the FM Plus rotation is to introduce students to the breadth of Family Medicine. 

These experiences have been designed to give you an appreciation of the scope of Family Medicine, the importance of the doctor/patient relationship and the role of family medicine in the community. Whatever your plans for residency, these rotations are a valuable learning opportunity for patient care in a family practice context. You will develop experience in dealing with the common problems that are seen in family medicine, in accessing community services and in working on a team within a health care system that is changing and becoming more and more directed to ambulatory, multidisciplinary care. We hope that this will be a rewarding and enjoyable rotation for you.

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