Field Notes


The Field Note is a tool that is used to:

  1. facilitate and document regular assessment and feedback that is provided to the residents
  2. track resident progress through residency and to ensure that all competencies are being assessed and met

It is required as an assessment method by CFPC Accreditation Standards


  • A field note can be generated by either a faculty or resident
  • A resident MUST have a minimum of 3 field notes per week during core family medicine training to graduate; extension of training may be required if this is NOT met. Residents are encouraged to complete field notes during off-service rotations. A minimum of 50 field notes should be completed by the end of PGY1 and another minimum of 50 field notes by the end of PGY2. A minimum total of 100 from the 2 years is needed by the end of residency.
  • Residents are responsible to ensure that they have an adequate number of field notes generated
  • A resident will record all procedures (including obstetrical procedures) as field notes
    • To enter a field note in MyFM: within the left navigation panel, click +Field Note
    • To track progress of field notes in MyFM: within the left navigation panel, click Resident Assessment > Field Notes


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