Faculty Advisor Program


The purpose of this program is to provide longitudinal mentoring and support for you. The functions of the faculty advisor (FA), as described in the accreditation standards, are to:

  • Orient you to the discipline of family medicine
  • Discuss with your own learning objectives and design an appropriate educational plan
  • Review this plan regularly and assist the resident in finding the resources within the program necessary to meet your unique learning needs
  • Help you:
    • Understand the four principles of family medicine
    • Reflect on program choices to be made
    • Understand evaluation feedback
    • Set and revise learning objectives
    •  Define career plans

You will have an assigned FA whom is also your family medicine preceptor, the faculty member who will be supervising your family medicine block training. If you wish for a different arrangement, please contact the chief resident or the postgraduate office.


  • Contact your FA and arrange to meet with him/her 3 times per year
  • Keep up to date your obstetrical log and procedural log and sign off on all completed rotation evaluations prior to every meeting with your FA, as these will be discussed with you at the meeting
  • Sign off on the related One45 (our on-line evaluation and documentation system) documentation form (see attached) that documents the meeting
  • Contact your chief resident or our program (fmpgc@schulich.uwo.ca) with any concerns about the program

To facilitate the above tasks, One45 will send out reminders to all FAs and residents about the meetings, and the postgraduate office will be glad to assist you in any way we can.


Confidential Mentorship Program

The Western University Family Medicine Faculty Advisor Program is helpful for most residents, but during your residency there may be a time when you need someone else to talk to about your questions or concerns. The purpose of the Confidential Mentorship Program is to give residents the opportunity to have confidential mentoring if they want it. The topics that are discussed can be personal or professional in nature. The nature of what is discussed will be kept confidential UNLESS there is a safety concern which is raised during the meeting.

Western's Resident's Council has recommended the following mentors. Please feel free to contact them directly to arrange a meeting if required. 

Saadia Hameed - Saadia.Hameed@sjhc.london.on.ca
Phil Vandewalle - vandewal@uwo.ca
Steve Wetmore - swetmore@uwo.ca
Jennifer Parr - jenniferp@smhc.net
Dr. Paul Ziter - docpsz@mnsi.net
Dr. Joslyn Warwaruk (Windsor) - hossjos@aol.com

Further Support and Counselling Resources

Last reviewed and approved by Postgraduate Education Committee April 2018