Undergraduate Program


The Medical Curriculum at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is a four year program that is systems-based in content and interdisciplinary in its delivery. The program’s base is from two main campuses in London and Windsor, but opportunities for learning are offered through over 40 communities throughout Southwestern Ontario. The program is committed to training future physicians who are from local communities within Southwestern Ontario, to be world leaders in healthcare and who are committed to returning to their local communities to serve. 

Family Medicine remains a strong contributor to many facets of the four year medical school curriculum. Our role and recognition increases each year, and with this has come increased success in recruiting new graduates to family medicine residency and to our own residency program at Western.

Community Outreach:

Community based teaching faculty are one of the most important pillars of the Department of Family Medicine at Western University. For many medical students, they are the ‘face of family medicine.’ Spread across over 40 southwestern Ontario communities, Western’s Department of Family Medicine’s community based teaching faculty educate undergraduate trainees in rural and regional practices, providing a breadth of experience outside that of the urban academic setting.