Need to Know - Residents

If you have questions during residency and are unsure whom to contact in the FM Postgrad Office, click here for a list of whom to contact for assistance.

Can I change a core or core selective rotation?

These rotations cannot be modified once scheduled.


  • Off-service rotations go through a lot of work to ensure that there are the right number and mix of residents from different training programs that will support the requirements of patient care.
  • A switch impacts this arrangement greatly and it is extremely difficult to secure additional core training rotations.
  • Core Selectives are treated the same as core rotations because:
    • They occur in the same places where core rotations are done and the same rationale in the above applied
  • Special considerations may be given by Postgraduate Director for core selective rotations

Can I change an elective rotation?

You can change an elective rotation by following the procedure below:

NOTE: Rotations can not be changed within 8 weeks of their start date


  • Get release from scheduled elective rotation supervisor
  • Get acceptance from desired elective rotation supervisor
  • Notify our Postgraduate Program Coordinator of the change by supplying the email messages confirming the elective rotation release and elective rotation acceptance
  • If a preceptor does not have email, fill out "Request for Change of Rotation" form (available from our Postgraduate Program Coordinator) and once signed, fax it to 519-661-3878.
  • Once appropriate email messages and/or "Request for Change of Rotation" form have been received, the resident's schedule will be updated. Residents do not need permission from Postgraduate Director to make elective rotation changes

When are the rotation changeover dates?

When booking time off, please look at the changeover dates in your schedule.  With the switch to 13 4-week blocks, blocks now usually end on a Monday with the next block starting on a Tuesday (the exceptions are June & July - the academic year ends on June 30 and the new year starts July 1 regardless of the day of the week).  This may affect requests for time off.  During the changeover week, you will need to book the Monday off from one service and the remainder of the week from the next service.

How do I request time off from rotations?

If you have any questions regarding your vacation, please contact fmpgc@schulich.uwo.ca  . This is a reminder that you are in charge of contacting the service to request time off and, when approved, acquiring signatures for your time off requests AT LEAST 4-6 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE LEAVE for rotations up until June 30th. All time off the call schedule (working days and weekends) should be indicated on the "Request for Leave" form.  The Service Contact List can be found in the Handouts & Links section of your eDossier in one45.

Notes Regarding Vacation:

a. All time off the call schedule (working days and weekends) should be indicated on the form - the working days are from Monday-Friday, not including stat holidays.

2. Not all services use the form (e.g. Medicine & Surgery requests are done via on-line or email).

a) for Medicine rotations (in London/Windsor only), requests are made on-line at: https://domws.lhsc.on.ca/dom/index.asp?QuLogIn=Yes . You should have received your username and password to access the system from DOMEDUCATION@LHSC.ON.CA .

b) for General Surgery rotations (in London/St. Thomas only), vacation requests are done on-line via new innovations (website: https://www.new-innov.com/Login/) .  Please refer to the email message "General Surgery Time Off Management" from Christine Ward.  Please contact Christine Ward if you need further information.

3. Click here to access the “Request for Leave” form. Signed forms are to be returned to the Dept. of Family Medicine, 1st Floor, Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine, Western University, London ON N6G 2M1; or faxed to 519-661-3878.

How do I claim educational/conference expenses?

Original conference claim receipts should be mailed to Ms. Pat Yong, Family Medicine, WCPHFM Bldg., 1st Floor, Western University, London ON  N6A 5C1 within one month of the incurrence of the expense.

What do I do with the rotation evaluations?

If you receive an evaluation form in your eDossier for an attending to complete, it is your responsibility to find out who will be evaluating you.  For services with multiple attendings, please send the evaluation form to one attending only, the one with whom you worked most closely.  Forward the form to the appropriate attending - you can add attendings to the list if your attending is not there.  If your attending doesn't have access to one45 (ie. doesn't receive the instructions from one45 on how to access the database) and you would like to email them the evaluation, click on "Evaluations" in One45. Next, find the preceptor/rotation name, and click on the "p" beside the attending's name to print the form which can be emailed to fmpgc@schulich.uwo.ca or faxed to 519-661-3878 once the preceptor completes it.

You will have the opportunity to review/confirm evaluations that have been completed by your attending.  Once the attending's evaluation has been completed on-line, it will appear on your "To Do" list.  Please note that you will have to complete the "Resident Evaluation of Rotation" or other outstanding forms before you can review an attending's evaluation of you.  As well, you cannot view the form until AFTER the end date of the rotation.

Where do I find the Hospital Forms for my upcoming rotation?

For rotations outside of London & Windsor, please review the requirements for hospital & other forms.  We send letters of good standing automatically if they are required.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed the necessary paperwork for the rotation AT LEAST TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE ROTATION.   Please complete these forms and send them in NOW, since there is the risk of forgetting them later on.  The hospitals that require a form completed have made it clear that unless you get your form in, you will not be able to begin your rotation until it is completed.  Also some of the hospitals have credentialing committees that review the forms and these committees do not meet regularly.  Thus, sending the forms in now is better than later!


  1. Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance (Clinton, Seaforth, Stratford, St. Marys) hospital forms.  The Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance form asks for the Program Director or Postgraduate Coordinator to sign the form – this is not necessary as we send a good standing letter.
  2. Chatham requires the form to be signed by the Dept. of FM.  Please fax the form to 519-661-3878 for signature.

What is covered for Accommodation and Travel?

Distributed Education will cover mileage and accommodation for ELECTIVE rotations outside of London and within Distributed Education boundaries.  For further details please review the Accommodation & Travel Expense Policy. Submit your request for mileage reimbursement for core and Distributed Education elective rotations through MyFM according to the policy.

Please note that Western University mileage reimbursement rates follow those provided by the Treasury Board Website and we refer to a standard mileage chart for most locations.  The travel request MUST be submitted within two months of the rotation's completion.  NOTE:  daily mileage is ONLY provided for elective rotations within the boundaries outlined by the Office of Distributed Education.

When do I need to contact the Service for my upcoming rotations?

Please contact your service about a month in advance of the rotation.  Service contact info can be found in one45, in the Handouts & Links section of your eDossier.