Neonatal Resuscitation Program


The sessions will take place varied times throughout the year. Residents will be emailed with their assignment. No videoconferencing is available.  Residents will participate in this program during their PGY1 year.


Program Curriculum

Complete the three requirements of the Online Learning Activities BEFORE attending the in-class session

  • Part 1: Learning Asessment
  • Part 2: Advanced Exam
  • Course Survey

Attend In-Class Session (Details will be communicated by the program)

  • Instructor-led event


Review Before Taking the Exam

  • There are no review activities or materials within the exam. Residents are expected to have studied the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 8th Edition before beginning the online exam.

Required Lessons

  • There are eleven lessons in the exam. Successful completion of lessons 1 through 11 is required.

Taking the Exam

  • A lesson is not scored until the resident clicks the Submit button. Before submitting a lesson for grading, residents can skip questions and go back to them later, or change their answers to any question.
  • After a lesson is passed, a screen will display any questions that were missed. Residents can print this screen for review with an instructor. This is the only opportunity to print the missed questions. Feedback for missed questions is not displayed if the resident fails the lesson.

Passing the Exam

  • A minimum score of 80 per cent is required to pass a lesson.
  • All required lessons must be passed to pass the exam.
  • Residents have unlimited attempts to successfully complete each exam.

Timing Issues to Consider

  • After beginning the exam, residents have 14 days to complete it. After 14 days, the test becomes invalid and another exam must be purchased by the resident.
  • AFTER PASSING THE EXAM, a resident must attend the NRP instructor-led course within 30 days. After 30 days, the exam becomes invalid and must be retaken, which requires the purchase of a new exam by the resident at a cost of $58.00. 

Addtional Resources

Canadian Pediatric Society - NRP Site