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Mission, Vision & Principles

Vision Statement

Enhancing and promoting Family Medicine that excels in patient-centred care, scholarly activity and leadership for healthier communities.

Mission Statement

A Centre of scholarly excellence committed to developing exemplary family physicians and future leaders in healthcare through clinical excellence, professional education, administrative leadership and robust research.

 We achieve our mission through the following key goals:

Principles of Family Medicine

 (From: McWhinney I. R., 1997. A Textbook of Family Medicine, Oxford University Press, New York)
In describing family medicine, it is best to start with the principles that govern our actions. I will describe nine of them. None is unique to family medicine. Not all family physicians exemplify all nine. Nevertheless, when taken together, they do represent a distinctive worldview, a system of values and an approach to problems, that is identifiably different from that of other disciplines.

  1. Family physicians are committed to the person rather than to a particular body of knowledge, group of diseases, or special technique.
  2. The family physician seeks to understand the context of the illness.
  3. The family physician sees every contact with his patients as an opportunity for prevention or health education.
  4. The family physician views his or her practice as a "population at risk".
  5. The family physician sees himself or herself as part of a community-wide network of supportive and health care agencies.
  6. Ideally, family physicians should share the same habitat as their patients.
  7. The family physician sees patients in their homes.
  8. The family physician attaches importance to the subjective aspects of medicine.
  9. The family physician is a manager of resources.