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Faculty Appointment

If you are interested in a faculty appointment with our Department, please contact the Faculty Appointments Coordinator.

Teaching Opportunities

If you would like to discuss the below opportunities in more detail, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Year 1 & 2 Medical Students


Student spends time in your practice learning about Family Medicine as an observer. Student and faculty member arrange mutually convenient time and determine length of time spent in practice. In practice, length of time varied.

If you are contacted directly by a student requesting to complete an elective/observership with you, please contact the Program Coordinator for approval.

Clinical Methods - Patient Centred Interviewing (Year 1)

Students interview standardized patients followed by group discussion. This activity done on campus. Faculty member leads group. One morning a week for 8 weeks. Time share available.

Clinical Methods - Family Medicine Skills (Year 2)

Emphasis on patient-centred approach, interviewing, physical examination, and decision making. In practice, total of six hours spread over 2-3 weeks. Need to be in commutable distance to London.

Patient-Centred Context:Integration and Application - PCCIA Small Groups (Year 1 and 2)

To compliment the in-class lecture, there is a small group series that meets weekly. For 2 hours per week, for 14-18 weeks in the Fall and/or Spring, you can facilitate and contribute to the small group discussion of 7-8 medical students. There is not an expectation to be an expert on the material, just to be an expert in your experience as a family physician.This is often the first experience students have with a REAL DOCTOR, so they really enjoy your support.  Takes place in your clinical office or on campus. 

Key Topics in Family Medicine (Year 2)

There is also a new week in the curriculum called Key Topics in Family Medicine that is run entirely by family physicians and provides the student with the family medicine perspective on some very common symptom based complaints. This week is highly rated by the students. On campus, length of time varied. Sample topics covered by faculty in past – Community Health, OB Care in Family Medicine, Approach to Perinatal Loss, Gender and Health, Urinary Tract Infections, Management of Hypertension, Fever, Forensic Medicine.


In the preclinical years, every systems-based block has started to incorporate the family physician perspective. As such, there are numerous opportunities to provide lecture based teaching from your perspective.

FMIG Annual Clinical Skills Day

Each February, the FMIG organizes a Clinical Skills Day for year 1&2 students, with faculty participating in workshops, lectures, small group teaching. Topics include: childbirth, suturing, mental health, fractures, intubation. One weekend half day.

Year 3 Medical Students


Students placed in community practices to gain an appreciation of the scope of Family Medicine and the importance of doctor/patient relationships, to develop experience in dealing with the common problems that are seen in Family Medicine. Four week placement.

Year 4 Medical Students

Clinical Electives

Students placed in community practice. Students will have individual goals and objectives based on individual needs and interests. Two to four week placements. Includes Canadian and International visiting students.