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COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

Western Research has collated funding opportunites for COVID-19 research avaible here.


CanCOVID is an expert network of Canadian COVID-19 researchers, clinical collaborators, and healthcare stakeholders from across the country. Canada’s Chief Science Officer mandated the creation of CanCOVID to expedite communication and collaboration between the scientific, healthcare and policy communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Please join here

Ethics & Privacy

Health Sciences Research Ethics Board

The Health Sciences Research Ethics Board consists of a full review board and a delegated review board. Research that is deemed minimal-risk to patients and participants or is a chart review is eligible for delegated review. All other research must be sent to the full review board. All submissions are done electronically through Western Research Ethics Management (WREM).

WREM First-Time Login Instructions

  1. Enter your full email address as your username.
  2. Click the reset password button.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email that is sent to you. This will allow you to set a password.
  4. Login to WREM.

Privacy Training 

If you plan to complete research at BFMC, SJFMC, VFMC, Fowler Kennedy, and/or London hospitals your REB application is automatically forwarded to Lawson for review. All members of the research team (faculty, staff, residents and medical students) that are listed on the ethics application are required to take the following training.

    1. LHSC Privacy Training-expires 1 year from completion
    2. TCPS2 Module- must complete once, does not expire
    3. Six Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)-expires 3 years from completion
Please note that you cannot begin your project until you receive approval. 
Any documentation or questions can be sent to

Circle of Care and sharing personal health information

Process (single centre, chart audit, multi centre)

Centre for Studies in Family Medicine Research Committee (CSFM-RC)  - Formerly the Departmental Research Committee (DRC)

Reviews projects for scientific merit and funding.  Any project that seeks to use patients and/or residents at more than one academic family medical centre must first receive approval from the DRC. Forms can be found here. The committee meets bi-monthly, applications can be sent to 

Individual Family Medicine Centre Research Committee (CRC)

This ethical approval is for projects taking place or using people at one Family Medicine centre (For a list of centres, click here). There are two possible tracks:

  1. If completing research within the practice of your Family Medicine Centre, you are encouraged to inform the CRC.
  2. Research that involves more than one practice at a Family Medicine Centre must be approved by the CRC.

Centre for Studies in Family Medicine Research Committee and CRC

Nature of the Research
Approval Required
Notification for Information and Support
Single Practice   CSFM-RC/CRC
Single Family Medicine Centre CRC CSFM-RC
More than one Family Medicine Centre CSFM-RC/CRC  

CSFM-RC = Centre for Studies in Family Medicine Research Committee, CRC = Centre Research Committee

Clinical Research Impact Committee (CRIC)

This type of approval is required for projects completed at LHSC, St. Joseph's, South Street Hospital, Parkwood Hospital, Regional Mental Health Care and the London Regional Cancer Program. The REB committee will notify you to complete the CRIC form after you've submitted your HSREB application. If you are completing research at Parkwood Hospital, Regional Mental Health Care and the London Regional Cancer Program, you are required to also submit a copy of your ethics submission to your respective CRIC committees.


Other types of approvals are needed based on the department, organization, or centre you are working with. Ensure you have all needed approvals before starting out your project.

Patient Consent For Publication (generic)

Library resources

Western Libraries

Family Medicine Section of Western Libraries

Canadian Library of Family Medicine - a service available CFPC physicians offering literature searching, document and article copying, instructional services, book loans, etc.

Family Medicine Databases - these databases require your western ID and password. Information regarding passwords can be found here.

Citation Management Software - Western Libraries provides an overview of the different software tools. 

Statistics Help Desk- Western provides assistance with various statistics related services such as data collection form design, sample size calculations, data analysis, and interpretation of results 

Study Design Resources

Survey Design

Western Methodology Clinic- Join faculty and advanced trainees for methodology consultation for study design, statistical analysis, power/sample size calculations, and responding to reviews of grant applications and journal article submissions. Please email to make an appointment to attend the clinic.

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Chart Review

Gearing R, Mian I, Barber J and Ickowicz A. A Methodology for Conducting Retrospective Chart Review Research in Child and Adolescent Psychaitry. H Can Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry, 2006, 15(3) 126-134. 

Banks N. Designing medical record abstraction forms. Int J Qual Health Care. 1998, 10(3), 163-167

Funding Discovery

Funding Discovery- determine available funding opportunities based on your research question 

Survey Dissemination 

Qualtrics- approved by Western Ethics, Qualtrics is a free and easy way to design and dissiminate a research survey