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Master of Clinical Science Program

Established in 1977, this was the first Master's level program to prepare family physicians for academic family medicine roles. Since 1997, the program has been offered in a distance education format on the Internet. 

The Master of Clinical Science program  attracts Family Physicians from Canada and around the world who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills, and leadership within the discipline of Family Medicine. This program combines on-site (two weeks, once yearly) with distance education via the Internet. The course of study is designed to fit the needs of the individual student and utilizes the broad range of academic and research expertise of the faculty. The program is offered as both a part-time and a full-time program.

Brief history of the program

Brief description of the program

PGY3 Enhanced Skills Program:  Academic Family Medicine 

The Enhanced Skills Progam in Academic Family Medicine is designed for residents in Family Medicine who have identified themselves with a strong interest in pursuing a career in Academic Family Medicine. The enhanced skills opportunity is available to a limited number of residents following the completion of their residency training program.