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Admission Process

Simulation Clinic

1. Application

Application to the ITD Program will open in March 2019.

2. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

The second part of the admission process involves the completion of a two-day Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) held in mid-August.

The top 100 applicants, as selected by the ITD Selection Committee, are invited to attend the PLA. Invitations are emailed out in late-May. Selection of candidates is based primarily on a combination of the English language test scores, and the NDEB Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) exam results.

**NEW** For 2019 ITD Program application, it is strongly recommended that applicants take the Schulich Dentistry Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Canadian Dental Clinical Skills - Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Preparatory Course. Successful completion of the 12-week course will give applicants priority in the selection process for the 2019 August PLA, provided that all ITD Program admission requirements are met by the application deadline date.     

Completion of the PLA does not guarantee admission to the ITD Program.

The purpose of the PLA is to ensure that applicants are at the same knowledge level and skill as the DDS students entering their third year of the DDS Program. The Assessment consists of an evaluation of the applicant’s psychomotor performance and knowledge in dental subjects at a pre-clinical level. All of the psychomotor skill testing is done on Kilgore mannequins in our advanced Simulation Clinic. Based on the PLA results, the top 40 candidates will be invited to attend a personal interview scheduled the week following the PLA. Read more information about the PLA.

Results of the PLA are not released.

The decision of the ITD Selection Committee is final and no appeal process is available.

Selection for ITD Program

The final step of the admission process involves the selection of 20 candidates for the ITD Program.

The ITD Selection Committee bases the final selection of candidates mainly on a combination of Prior Learning Assessment, the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge exam results, and English language ability as determined by the interview. Offers of admission are sent out in early October. 

Upon acceptance to the Schulich Dentistry Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD) Program, a credential evaluation of your degree/diploma (a Course-by-Course evaluation) must be obtained through World Education Services (WES).

The WES evaluation must be completed prior to starting the program. Please begin this process as soon as possible to avoid any delays. See the World Education Services (WES) website or call: 1.416.972.0070 (CAN only) for application procedures. If candidates are unable to have credentials validated to the satisfaction of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the offer of admission will be withdrawn.

The decision of the Internationally Trained Dentists Selection Committee at Schulich Dentistry concerning admission to the Internationally Trained Dentists Program is final. No appeal process is available.