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Graduate Orthodontics Clinic

Meena and Carine At present, the Graduate Orthodontic clinic has a waiting list of approximately 24-36 months.

The waiting list is composed of patients whose dentist has sent a letter of referral, briefly stating the nature of their orthodontic problem.  The letter must include the patient's name, date of birth, gender, address and phone number.

Cases are chosen primarily on the basis of their suitability for teaching purposes. Acceptance of a patient for the waiting list, and for screening, does not automatically mean acceptance for treatment.  Some are rejected at the time of screening, others may be accepted for records only.  It is not until the records have been taken and reviewed, by students and instructors that the final decision will be made.

There is a $250 charge for records and our present fee for full-fixed orthodontics (upper and lower) is $3,800, payable as follows:

Fees are effective for patients screened from March 2017.
Fees are subject to change.