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The 5 Guiding Principles of Curriculum Renewal

Beginning in Septemer 2009, Schulich Dentistry launched the first year of the redesigned curriculum for the DDS degree. The renewed curriculum for:

Ensuring that the new curriculum meets or exceeds the requirements of accreditation and published ACFD guidelines

  1. Integration of basic and clinical sciences
  2. Thematic, multidisciplinary approach to didactic and clinical teaching
  3. Early and progressive introduction of students into patient clinics
  4. Provide time in the senior year for electives and rotations both on and off site

Curriculum Framework

The foundation of Dentistry Curriculum is based on a central core of Comprehensive Patient Care.  The amount of time, complexity and responsibility the student undertakes in this clinical core increases throughout the four years of the program.  Surrounding this core of Comprehensive Patient Care is all the didactic and preclinical content that will prepare graduates of Schulich Dentistry's program for independent general practice.

Curriculum Framework

New and Enhanced Features Of The Revised Dentistry Curriculum