Academic Calendar and Policies


Academic Calendar

To view sessional dates and other important information visit the Academic Calendar.

Policy on Accommodation for Medical Illness

Students who miss an exam for medical or immediate family emergencies must provide a signed note from a physician or other appropriate professional. You can deliver this documentation to either the Academic Affairs Office or the Student Affairs Office.  Students who do not submit appropriate documentation will not be permitted to write a make up examination until this documentation has been filed. Feel free to consult Brenda Davis, Manager, Academic Affairs, in the Director's Office, DSB 1003 should you have any questions or concerns regarding missed examinations or assignments.

Documentation from Family Physicians and Walk-In Clinics

A Western University Student Medical Certificate (SMC). This documentation should be obtained at the time of the initial consultation with the physician or walk-in clinic. An SMC can be downloaded under the Medical Documentation heading of the Student Services website. Hard copies are available from Academic Counselling in the Faculties.

Documentation from Student Health Services

Students obtaining documentation from Student Health Services should sign a “release of information.” This form authorizes Student Health Services to provide information to the student’s home Faculty. Release of information forms are available from, and can be arranged through, the student’s home Faculty Academic Counselling service.