Schulich Dental School Clinics FAQ

Students in dental clinic

Who performs treatment?

You will be treated by dental students under the direct supervision of qualified instructors.

When are appointments?

Clinics are operational during the academic year (September - June). Limited service is available during July and August. Treatments may be delayed due to examinations, study periods and official holidays.

Clinic appointment times:  9:00 am until Noon and 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm


How long are appointments?

Appointments are often as long as 3 hours. Be sure to ask your student dentist.

What happens when all my treatment is done?

After your treatment plan is completed you can enter the Recall Program which ensures you will have regular examinations and cleanings. If you wish, you may see a regular dentist in your community for your future dental needs.

How soon will I get work done on my teeth?

Depending on the time of year, the type of dental work needed and the time required to determine your suitability for the program, it can take months or over a year to be assigned to a student.

I have a terrible toothache and can't wait for months. What do I do?

The School of Dentistry, Emergency Department has a limited number of emergency appointments. Call Emergency Reception at (519) 661-3331 to enquire about emergency appointments.

The Oral Surgery Department can perform tooth extractions for patients who do not want any other dental treatment. Call the Oral Surgery Department at (519) 661-3450 to enquire about Oral Surgery appointments.

I live outside of London. Can I still be a patient at the School?

At this time we are not accepting patients more than 60 kilometers from the School.

What will it cost?

Your student will consult with you about your treatment options and their costs. For most procedures, payment is due on the day you receive treatment and you will receive an itemized receipt with your payments. Your student will tell you which of our dental procedures must be paid for in advance. Please also be sure to ask your student about fees. Whether or not you have insurance of Social Services coverage, you are responsible for ensuring that your account is paid.

Please note that our fees are lower than those of private dentists and that we accept cash, cheque, VISA, Mastercard, and debit cards.

Can I bring my child or service animal into the Adult Clinic?

Patients must be informed that due to safety concerns, under no circumstances will children or animals be permitted into the clinic with the exception of certified service dogs.

Are interpreters available at the clinic?

Patients who do not speak English must be accompanied by an interpreter. Some staff and students may speak languages other than English, but there is no guarantee you will always deal with them.