Main Clinic (Adult)

Working with dental patient in the main adult clinic

Location Ground Floor of the Dental Sciences Building
Appointment You MUST have an appointment
Appt. Times 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Closed on Federal/provincial holidays
March break
Summer (July – August) break
Most of December to allow for exams

Schulich Dentistry is a teaching institution, and thus, all care is provided by dental students, and supervised by licensed dentists. High standards are required of our students and our clinical faculty continually evaluates their skills. However, patients will pay lower fees for dental procedures of very high quality.

We are open only during the academic school year. Thus, the dental school is closed on all federal/provincial holidays, March break, summer (July – August) break, and most of December to allow for exam.

Please plan to spend up to 3 hours per appointment. This attention to detail requires more of your time, but assures you of quality dental care. We will work with you to incorporate your dental treatment desires into the treatment plan that will be designed for you.

Schulich Dentistry reserves the right to terminate, limit, or refuse treatment to any patient who is uncooperative, or refuses to accept and follow our policies or the treatment proposed to you.

The first step in becoming a patient is to schedule an initial screening appointment. The length of time it takes to be called for the screening appointment depends on the types of treatment needed by our students for the purposes of progression through the program. The wait can be months to over a year in length. It is during the screening that it is determined whether the patient is accepted for regular treatment, based on the teaching needs of the School, patient's time availability, patient's health and the complexity of the patient's dental needs. 

The initial screening appointment consists of an evaluation by a faculty member. At this time, the educational value of your dental needs is determined. You will be informed that you are accepted for all or part of the treatment you need. If your dental needs would not serve as a good teaching case, it will be suggested that you seek outside care. Examples that patients are not accepted are some medical problems or treatment may be too complex for our teaching program.

You will be assigned to a dental student who will contact you to arrange a treatment planning appointment. During this appointment you will be examined by students and faculty to determine your dental needs and develop a treatment plan. Your proposed treatment plan will be explained to you and and the estimated cost. Communication regarding appointments, treatment and any other pertinent matters should be directly with the student dentist that you have been assigned to.

 For more information, please view the Being a Patient page.