Student Services


Note: Students should be aware that your academic performance is
NOT in jeopardy if you seek counselling of any sort.

Academic Counselling

Dental school is a challenging and exciting time. However, it can also lead to considerable anxiety and stress related to academic performance, finances and the resulting impact on personal relationships.

There are numerous services students can turn to for confidential assistance:

Dr. Fernando Inocencio is the Assistant Director, Academics. Students are welcome to contact him by email.

Other Counselling Services 

The Learner Experience is concerned with the physical, psychological, and professional safety of learners. We offer services to students including:

  • Career guidance and academic support
  • Awareness of equity issues within educational, work, and research activities
  • Support services for medical and dental learners to encourage and enhance success

Western University also provides counselling through various centres on campus:

  • Confidential Personal Counselling through the UWO Student Health Centre or
  • For confidential assistance through Psychological Services at the Student Development Centre.
  • You may also contact the Office of the Ombudsperon for assistance with academic or personal problems.

Career Counselling

Schulich Dentistry is committed to improving Career Counselling services provided to our students to assist them in moving forward with their career goals after graduation. The University Student Success Centre provides a considerable amount of support to students to assist in the development of a proper Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter, as well as Job Search facilities.

University Student Services

The University Student Services offers a portal where you will find services, applications, personal information, along with connections to other services offered to help you at Western.

Documentation from Student Health Services

Students obtaining documentation from Student Health Services should sign a “release of information.” This form authorizes Student Health Services to provide information to the student’s home Faculty. Release of information forms are available from, and can be arranged through, the student’s home Faculty Academic Counselling service.