Practicum Overview

The MPH Practicum is a 12-week mandatory placement in a public health organization (domestic or international). It is unpaid and takes place during the summer term (May to July).

What opportunities will you get from a practicum placement?

  1. Gain exposure to public health in practice
  2. Interact with professionals in the field
  3. Obtain hands-on experience working on a public health project

How will the MPH Program support you in finding your practicum placement?

You will work with our Career Development Coordinator to:

  1. Explore your interests in a variety of public health functions and organizations and learn about our many (~100) domestic and international partner organizations
  2. Locate a placement that best fits with your needs and interests and will also support your future career aspirations

How will you benefit from completing a practicum?

  1. Acquire the ability to translate public health knowledge into practice
  2. Be able to address complex public health issues and demands in real life situations
  3. Have an opportunity to integrate, synthesize, and apply your public health knowledge, skills, and competencies
  4. Sharpen your assessment and evaluation skills to help understand public health issues
  5. Use evidence to resolve issues and engage stakeholders
  6. Demonstrate decision-making skills and your ability to become effective agents of change