The total cost (including all ancillary fees) for Western's MPH Program is approximately $37,200 (domestic students) and approximately $60,900 (international students).  Tuition and ancillary fees are set by the Registrar's Office; the most current amounts can be found here.

Why are our tuition fees higher than other MPH Programs?

Our tuition fees are high because of the unique features of the Program and the extensive services we offer to you. First and foremost, we make extensive use of the resource intensive case method of learning, which requires us to purchase and/or develop teaching cases. We have a low faculty student ratio (1:6) thus providing individualized attention; in addition, our courses are exclusive only to our students. All learning materials are provided so you have no extra costs for items such as textbooks, case packs, etc. Costs of the field trip (conference registration, travel, accommodation etc.) are also included in the tuition. We also organize all practicum placements, taking the onus off the student to find their own opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing career advice and counseling to you for life. Last, but certainly not the least, we have a dedicated, state-of-the-art facility for you to enjoy.

Overall, the clear advantage of our one year Program is that you complete two years of intensive learning in one year, allowing you to enter the workforce one year early compared to most other MPH graduates.

The chart below compares the tuition and living costs of our one year Program with tuition and living costs of a comparable two year program at a major Canadian university.

(12 month program)
Other major Canadian University
(24 month program)
Residency Tuition
Cost of
TOTAL Tuition
Cost of
Domestic 1 $33,388 2 $28,800 3 $64,188 $22,000 $57,600 4 $79,600
International $56,252 2 $28,800 3 $84,052 $60,000 $57,600 4 $117,600

1Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
2Does not include ancillary and supplemental fees as we are unable to report on other universities' fees
3Assumes living expenses of $2,400 per month for 12 months

4Assumes living expenses of $2,400 per month for 24 months

Please note that the MPH Program is not an Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) eligible program. This is a course-based Program and there is no financial aid (bursaries, scholarships, etc.) available for MPH students.

The following estimated living expenses may be helpful for planning:

Estimated Living Expenses Domestic International
Rent (incl. utilities) $14,400 - $19,000 $14,400 - $19,000
Food $2,400 - $5,500 $2,400 - $5,500
Personal and Household Expenses $1,500 - $2,000 $1,500 - $2,000
Entertainment $800 - $1,000 $800 - $1,000
Transportation $1,800 - $3,000 $1,800 - $3,000
Travel $1,700 $3,500
Technology $600 - $1,100 $600 - $1,100
Additional Health Expenses $350 - $1,000 $350 - $1,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL $23,550 - $34,300 $25,350 - $36,100

For more clarification please contact:

Diana Lee
Manager, Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health
The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine, 4th Floor
1465 Richmond Street
Western University
London, ON N6G 2M1 CANADA
t. 519.661.3184
f. 519.661.2004