Student Profiles

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    Improving knowledge translation in public health: Ben Umakanthan, Class of 2019

    Ben Umakanthan is pursuing public health to help address the knowledge translation gaps between research, policy delivery and clinical practice. He says the Master of Public Health (MPH) program’s case-based approach helped him apply concepts and theories to real-world scenarios.

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    Creating change: Cody Thomas, Class of 2019

    Three years into his training to be a police officer, Cody Thomas completely changed his career direction. As a student in the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program, he is now focusing his efforts on upstream, preventative strategies to tackle public health challenges.

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    Making connections in public health: Jessica Schill, Class of 2019

    Scanning more than 5,000 acres of wheat, soybeans, oats and corn, Jessica Schill sees public health in action. Her family’s farm in Palmerston, Ontario is a source of inspiration as she pursues her master’s degree, bringing experiences in agriculture and nursing to the Master of Public Health Program.