Casebook 2015

Western Casebook 2015

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Chapter 1:  What is Case Teaching in Public Health?

Case 1: Deciding Value for Money: Improving Prenatal Genetic Screening in Ontario (keywords: economic evaluation; cost-effectiveness analysis; genetic screening; Down syndrome)

Case 2: Understanding and Developing Conceptual Frameworks and Causal Models in Maternal and Child Health Programming (keywords: conceptual framework; maternal health; Mali; program evaluation)

Case 3: Hospitals Don’t Burn: Caribbean Island Regional Hospital (keywords: disaster preparedness; international; PAHO; safe hospitals)

Case 4: Returning to Our Roots: Building Capacity in Public Health for Action on the Social Determinants of Health (keywords: health equity; social determinants of health; conceptual frameworks; nursing leadership; organizational capacity building; grounded theory)

Case 5: Let’s Agree To Agree: Management Techniques in Calibrating Oral Health Screening Systems (keywords: oral health; screening; best-practice; guidelines)

Case 6: Reducing Poverty in Canada: Public Policies & Population Health (keywords: poverty - measurement; healthy public policy; knowledge translation; reduction strategy)

Case 7: Integration of FP-MNCH Services to Accelerate Reduction of Maternal & Child Deaths: Bangladesh Experience (keywords: Bangladesh; maternal, newborn child health; family planning; service integration; Millennium development goals)

Case 8: Mentor Mothers: Preventing Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Jinja (keywords: HIV/AIDS; PMTCT; behavior change; logic model; evaluation)

Case 9: Combating Food Borne Illnesses Through Safe Food Handling Practices in the United Nations/African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Sudan (A) and (B) (keywords: food safety; international; dynamic environment; food borne illness)

Case 10: Youth as Change Agents (keywords: youth; health; awareness; community; slums; health rally; health exhibition; street plays; bodymapping; Institute of Public Health; Urban Health Systems Project; barriers; advocating)

Case 11: Knowledge Dissemination and Private Well Water Testing in Middlesex County, Ontario (keywords: private well-water; communication; knowledge dissemination; needs assessment; rural; facilitators; barriers)

Case 12: Health Operations in Emergencies (HOPE) (keywords: emergency preparedness; information-sharing platform; disaster response; health communications; leadership; change management; stakeholder engagement; usability testing)

Case 13: Chikungunya in the Americas: Estimating the Burden of Disease and the Cost of Illness (keywords: Chikungunya; infectious disease epidemic; Caribbean; Jamaica; burden of illness; cost of illness)

Final Chapter: Towards an Integrated Case-Based Public Health Curriculum