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  • Dr. Laila C. Schenkel Magalhaes
  • Dr. Doug Jones
  • Dr. Andrew Watson
  • 2015 Dean's Scholarship for Graduate Research Recipients


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Featured Faculty


Abdel Lawendy, MD, FRCSC

As a trauma orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Abdel-Rahman Lawendy is frequently confronted with high-stake situations.

Featured Trainee


Charles Yin, MD/PhD Candidate

Charles Yin  is looking forward to what the seven-year journey ahead of him will bring, and is excited to unlock the enormous potential of combining medicine and research.

Featured Alumni


Janna Morrison MSc'97, PhD

Janna discusses her years at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, the research she is currently working on involving fetal development, and how she ended up falling in love with Australia.

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