New to London

The Master of Public Health Program hopes the transition to London is smooth for all new students. The information below is provided to ensure that happens.


There are several options for housing as a student in London:

Be sure to consult a campus map and Google map when searching for housing. You will most likely want to stay in Northwest London. The MPH building is located at the corner of Richmond and Windermere (upper righ hand corner of the linked map); the building is called the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine.

Bus Transportation

Bus passes for all London Transit buses are included in your student fees as a Western student. You will be able to pick up your bus pass at the university once registered as a student and will need to show your student card to do so.

The London Transit Commission website provides various information on routes from around town. The MPH building at Richmond Street and Windermere Road can be accessed by a few routes, including the 32 Windermere bus and the 6 Richmond.

Western also offers an intercampus shuttle bus that moves through campus between the affiliated colleges (King’s, Brescia, and Huron). This bus is free and you do not need to show your bus pass.