Learning Through Action


During the summer term students will participate in a 12 week practicum. Public health practice is a key part of the MPH degree. The practicum aims to provide students with an opportunity to integrate, synthesize, and apply public health knowledge and skills and competencies acquired during MPH courses to real-world public health situations. The students contribute to communities by addressing a public health problem while developing personal confidence and skills as a public health professional.

The MPH Program will provide all MPH students with administrative support to facilitate their practicum placement. 

Integrative Workshops

Approximately three times per academic year, the MPH Program offers full day Integrative Workshops for all students and associated faculty. The main objective of these workshops is to pause to reflect on the learning in the past six weeks, to integrate and synthesize interdisciplinary knowledge and practices learned in the various courses, and to apply them to a particular hot issue in public health (e.g. climate change and public health, water safety, resurgence of measles, bioterrorism). The case method of learning is augmented by real time team-based simulations during the workshops. The topics are chosen to complement rather than duplicate the cases being used in the courses, and reflect the expanded expertise on campus beyond the course faculty members. The Integrative Workshops are part of the Transforming Public Health course and thus, participation in the workshops will be included in the evaluation process.

Brown Bag Series

Internationally renowned scholars and practitioners will be invited to speak to students throughout the academic year. This provides opportunities for students to interact and exchange views with a diverse group of experts in a variety of professional settings. The objective is to strengthen the knowledge being provided to students through the course work with opportunities to share and discuss the experience of different stakeholders and experts. This will facilitate and emphasize the notion of interdisciplinary approaches in public health. While the seminars will not have credits attributed to them, they will be mandatory for students to attend.

Field Trips

Students will be given the opportunity to participate in field trips to visit leading institutions in public health and network with public health professionals.