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Changing the World; One MPH Graduate at a Time

Cultivating Future Public Health Leaders Through Teamwork

Case 1:  Where are the Sex Workers? (keywords:  Oakes test; Hepatitis C Virus (HCV); harm reduction; accessibility; social determinants of health; Criminal Code; health behaviours; Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; advocacy)

Case 2:  Saving the Rural Ontario Maternity Services – Can We Do It? (keywords:  Inter-professional care; collaboration; access; equity; rural health; maternal and newborn health; continuum of care; Ontario policy; funding models; sustainability; maternal services; care
providers; Low Risk Strategy)

Case 3:  Providing Continuing Professional Development in a Developing Country – The One Health Initiative (keywords:  One Health; program development; continuing professional development; education; promotion; capacity building)

Case 4:  Changing School Food Environments: Is Policy Enough? (keywords:  Nutrition policy; school; healthy eating; healthy schools)

Case 5:  Investigating Suspected Outbreaks of Rare Infectious Disease Using Surveillance Data: The CJDSS Perspective (keywords: Epidemiology; Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD); outbreak management; surveillance data; PHAC)

Case 6:  “I know there is hope, even in a world of loss”: A Local Community-Based Intervention to Address Mental Health Challenges Among First Nations Men and Boys (keywords:  First Nation; Indigenous; participatory action research; mental health; addiction; male)

Case 7: Transitioning from Prison to Community (keywords: Social determinants of health; strength-based programming; peer-to-peer education; health promotion)

Case 8: Camp fYrefly (keywords: Health promotion; youth; holistic health; holism; sexual minority; gender variant; LGBTQ; SGM)

Case 9: From Theory to Action: Implementing an Internationally Developed Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program in Indigenous Communities in the Americas (keywords: Indigenous peoples; youth; suicide; mental health; PAHO; mhGAP; substance abuse; alcohol;
self-harm; cultural continuity; cultural sensitivity)

Case 10: Moving Towards an Inclusive Society: Implementing Epilepsy Awareness Education in the Ontario Elementary School Health Curriculum (keywords: Epilepsy; health education; health promotion; stigma; best-practice)

Case 11: United Hearts: Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration for the Detection of Critical Heart Defects in Newborns (keywords: Newborn health; screening; interdisciplinary; collaboration; implementation research)

Case 12: Policy Meets Practice – People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) (keywords: People who inject drugs; endocarditis; homelessness; home care; treatment; health care delivery)

Integrative Workshops