Team Based Learning

The case-method is a three stage process which builds on each subsequent step.

It starts with individual case preparation, followed by a small group discussion (in your Learning Team), concluding with a large group discussion (in the classroom).

How do our Learning Teams work?

  1. All students will be assigned to a Learning Team at the start of the program for the duration of their course work (8 months)
  2. Each Learning Team is provided with a dedicated workspace (your own Learning Team room)
  3. You are expected to work with your Learning Team every day to:
    • complete group assignments
    • engage in thought provoking discussion
    • teach and learn from each other

What will our team based environment provide?

  1. Challenging, but vastly rewarding experience
  2. Learn from colleagues with different backgrounds and experiences
  3. Identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  4. Develop your leadership skills in a safe environment