Casebook 2019

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Introduction: Contributing to the Development of the Next Generation

Case 1 : Vanishing Volunteers: The Use of Implementation Research to Improve Support for Community Drug Distributors in Cote d'Ivoire (Keywords: Community drug distributors; implementation research; lymphatic filariasis; mass drug administration; neglected tropical diseases.)

Case 2 : Hurricanes and Health: A Systems Thinking Approach to Understanding Con (Keywords: Environmental health; mental health; sustainable development; systems thinking)

Case 3 : The Missing Four Million: Working to Increase the Case Finding Rate for People with TB (Keywords:ASHAs; case-finding rate; health equity; social determinants of health; TB burden; tuberculosis)

Case 4 : Combatting the Opioid Crisis: Expanding Naloxone Kit Distribution to Niagara Health Emergency Departments (Keywords: Addictions; emergency departments; harm reduction strategies; health care equity; naloxone; opioids)

Case 5 : Active Schools: A Method to Combat Sedentary Behaviour? (Keywords: Active Schools; children and youth; communication stakeholder analysis; health promotion planning; physical activity; sedentary behaviour)

Case 6 : AQCESS: Access to Quality Care through Extending and Strengthening Health Systems (Keywords: Maternal, newborn, and child health; health systems strengthening; international development; primary care; sexual and reproductive health and rights)

Case 7 : Population Health Surveillance in Finland: Threats to Historically Dependable Surveillance Methodology (Keywords: Cross-sectional study; epidemiology; evidence-informed decision-making; population health; prevalence; registry data; surveillance; survey data)

Case 8 : Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: Conducting Research on Elder Abuse in Toronto's Arab Community (Keywords: Community-based participatory research; cultural competency; elder abuse; hard-to-reach populations; intersectionality)

Case 9 : Achieving Health Equity in Ontario: Increasing Capacity for Relationship Building with Indigenous Communities (Keywords: Health equity; Indigenous communities; relationship building; social determinants of health; situational assessment)

Case 10 : Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities: Reducing Secondary School Non-Completion and its Associated Health Disparities (Keywords: Education; learning disabilities; social determinants of health; socioeconomic status; unemployment; high school non-completion)

Case 11 : Crypto Climate Creep: The Movement of Tropical Infectious Disease to the Arctic (Keywords: Climate change; Cryptosporidium; One Health Model; systems thinking; zoonotic infectious diseases; Arctic Region; Indigenous peoples)

Case 12 : Policy Window - When Lyme is in the Limelight (Keywords: Communication; federal framework; Lyme disease; policy development; stakeholder analysis)

Case 13 : Sustainable mHealth Innovations - Repurposing The Collective Comfort Pilot Project (Keywords: Health technology; innovation; mental health; mHealth application; public health informatics; social support)

Case 14 : Development of an Electronic Health Record Strategy at the Glenburn Public Health Unit (Keywords: Electronic health record; electronic medical record; environmental scan; patient documentation; public health; strategy; information technology)