Casebook 2018


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Chapter 1: Essential Skills for Public Health

Case 1: Mobilizing Knowledge into Action: Best Practices in Responding to Urgent Refugee Health and Resettlement Service Needs (Keywords: Refugee health; refugee settlement; knowledge translation; knowledge mobilization; knowledge exchange; integrated knowledge mobilization; implementation science; Syrian refugee response; best practices; evidence-based; managing health services.)

Case 2: Good Food Box: Generative Relationships and Scenario Planning in Public Health (Keywords: Food accessibility; generative relationships; scenario planning; OPHS.)

Case 3: "School, Interrupted" (Keywords: School-based mental health; program planning; stakeholder analysis; implementation science.)

Case 4: Big Comfy Couch: The Implementation of an LGBTQ2S+ Safe and Positive Space Within a Public Health Unit (Keywords: LGBTQ2S+ health; Safe and Positive Space; implementation research; health equity; cultural competency; cultural safety; inclusivity.)

Case 5: Making Oral Health Care More Palatable (Keywords: Oral health; coalition; health promotion; health equity.)

Case 6: On the Road to Change: The Difficulties of Evaluating Social Marketing Campaigns in Public Health (Keywords: Program evaluation; social marketing; road safety; injury prevention; health promotion.)

Case 7: Local Climate Change Adaptation: Developing a Communication Strategy for Rural Populations (Keywords: Communication strategy; climate change; rural health; community engagement; knowledge translation; adaptation.)

Case 8: "I Know You Want It": Preventing Sexual Aggression in Bars (Keywords: Sexual violence; sexual assault; sexual harassment; alcohol; nightlife; prevention; health promotion; stakeholder engagement; needs assessment; program planning.)

Case 9: Managing Expectations: Lyme Disease (Keywords: Leadership; stakeholders; prioritization; evidence.)

Case 10: Middlesex-London's Public Health Emergency: HIV in People Who Inject Drugs (Keywords: Harm reduction; needle recovery; needle exchange programs; wrap-around care; PWID; HIV prevention; injection drug use; structural violence; social determinants of health.)

Case 11: Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights: A Key Step in Achieving Gender Equality in Pakistan (Keywords: Gender equality; women and adolescent girls; sexual and reproductive health; community engagement; stakeholder relationships; global health; Global Affairs Canada; Pakistan.)

Case 12: Housing and Health: A Human Rights Approach to Wellbeing (Keywords: Human rights; housing rights; social determinants of health; social housing; law.)

Case 13: The Abokobi Open Dump (Keywords: Waste management; municipal solid waste; stakeholder engagement; recycle.)

Case 14: Rural Residence and Associated Health Disparities: The Case of Chatham-Kent (Keywords: Epidemiological approach; age standardized rates; crude rates; mortality; rural health; chronic disease; chronic disease-related risk factors.)

Case 15: Going Beyond the Wheel Chair Ramp: Public Health Sudbury & Districts' Plan to Become Accessible to All (Keywords: Health equity; people with disabilities; unseen disabilities; universal design; surveillance; community engagement; social-ecological model of behaviour change.)

Case 16: Don't Miss the Bus (Keywords: Evidence-based public health; systematic reviews; critical appraisal; health promotion; systematic review repositories; searching for evidence.)

Case 17: Can Hospitals do Health Promotion? Making Hospitals a Place for both Care and Health through Health Promotion (Keywords: Health promotion; organizational change; acute care; networks; hospitals; Ottawa Chater.)

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