Public health is inherently an interdisciplinary approach to promote and protect the health of communities and populations. Its principles are historically rooted in the 2000 year old treatise of Hippocrates on Airs, Waters & Places, the ultimate aim of which is the well-being of the people and communities. We aim to:

  1. Enhance and improve public health knowledge and practices among practitioners of health in their endeavors toward population health and well-being; and
  2. Build human resource capacities in public health through a quality training program that supports the integration and synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge, develops expertise and skills to identify and address public health problems collaboratively, and provides opportunities to practice and develop mastery in creating shared solutions and implementing strategies through collaborative, partnerships, innovation, shared leadership and community engagement at the local, national and global levels.

We will do this through:

  1. Teaching: To offer an academically rigorous graduate level public health education for health practitioners, managers, researchers and others interested in public health which will prepare them to be future leaders in public health from local to global levels.
  2. Research:To produce research that advances public health locally and globally.
  3. Service: To be a resource for the public health of the community locally and globally.