Principles for outgoing elective rotations

  • all postgraduate training programs established and accredited at Western University have the ability to deliver all elements of the program locally (unless an Inter-University Agreement is in place)
  • resident match to Western University suggests that London and the DEN area is where all of postgraduate training will occur
  • elective periods are permissible provided the elective meets accreditation standards set by either the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or College of Family Physicians of Canada
  • a three-month elective rotation away from London or the DEN area is permissible and managed at the program level
  • requests for elective periods of greater than three months must be made in writing by the resident to the program director. If acceptable to the program director, a written request must be made to the PGME Dean, a minimum of three months prior to the planned elective
  • approval of PGME Dean must be granted prior to program approval of elective

All mandatory components of training are expected to be met in the London or DEN area. Any mandatory rotations at locations without an Inter-University Agreement must be approved by the PGME Dean.