Inviting an External Student to an Observership

Are you a Schulich member of staff wishing to invite an international student to complete an observership? If so, please follow the process outlined on our Internationalization website. International students must complete additional paperwork by Western University confirming their legal status in Canada.

Observers have zero patient contact and no clinical activity, including but not limited to:

  • taking a medical history,
  • conducting physical examinations,
  • diagnosing or treating patient’s condition,
  • ordering, preparing or administering drugs,
  • documenting on patients’ health records, either in electronic or hard copy format,
  • having independent access to health records, either in electronic or hard copy format,
  • performing or assisting in surgical procedures, or diagnostic patient interventions,
  • obtaining consent,
  • interacting directly with patient/SDM,
  • providing health care advice.


Outline of Steps for Inviting an Observer

  1. Contact the  department Program Administrator directlywhere you wish the student to have observer status to confirm that there is an opportunity to observe and a Credentialed Professional Staff member (Physician, Dentist, Midwife) willing to be the sponsor. When an opportunity is determined, the department will provide the Observership Application Package which will need to be completed in full and submitted back to the department for final signatures.
  2. Send completed Observership forms, along with a copy of the observer's CV and proof of COVID vaccination, to Medical Affairs office ( Ensure the forms are completed in full with all required signatures on Appendix A.
  3. Medical Affairs will reach out directly to the student with further information


For further details and document downloads: