How do I arrange an observership?

Observerships have no university status as there is no educational component. Medical practitioners who wish to arrange an observership can do so by contacting the department directly where they wish to have observer status. The department will then contact Medical Affairs and complete an observer-request form. Observers have zero patient contact and no clinical activity, including but not limited to:

  • taking a medical history,
  • conducting physical examinations,
  • diagnosing or treating patient’s condition,
  • ordering, preparing or administering drugs,
  • documenting on patients’ health records, either in electronic or hard copy format,
  • having independent access to health records, either in electronic or hard copy format,
  • performing or assisting in surgical procedures, or diagnostic patient interventions,
  • obtaining consent,
  • interacting directly with patient/SDM,
  • providing health care advice.

If the program approves the observership, the Observership Package forms must be completed by both the observer and the program, and then submitted to  Danielle McVeeney in Medical Affairs at Observership packages are located here on the Medical Affairs website.

If you have questions regarding the application process for observerships, please contact Danielle McVeeney at