All residency training programs offered at Western are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) and/or the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

The accreditation process enables our institution and residency programs to meet the highest standards of postgraduate education by embracing the values of continuous quality improvement.

The accreditation process is built around CanERA (Canadian Excellence in Residency Accreditation). The aim of CanERA is to:

  • ensure excellence in residency education;
  • objectively evaluate residency programs and institutions to ensure compliance with required standards;
  • facilitate and contribute to the continuous quality improvement of residency programs and institutions; and,
  • ensure that residency education adequately prepares residents to meet the healthcare needs of patient populations upon completion of training.

The accreditation standards that are currently in effect, and to which our institution and programs are currently held accountable, include: 

CFPC-specific standards (The Red Book) can be found here, and Royal College specialty-specific standards can be found here (including the general and specific standards for Areas of Focused Competence (AFC) programs).

As part of the continuous quality improvement process, and to meet the institutional standards of accreditation, the PGME Office will facilitate internal reviews of all accredited postgraduate training programs at the mid-point of the regular accreditation cycle. Western University’s PGME regular review cycle is 2019-2027. See the chart below for accreditation and internal review timelines and click here to learn more about the internal review process.

Winter 2022

Internal reviews begin for a select group of programs. Internal review schedules for all regular review programs are disseminated to the PGME Committee, Program Directors, and Program Administrators.

Spring 2022

Resident report dissemination and collection begins. Resident reports are collected from every program once every two years as a form of program evaluation. Contact Andrea Good, PGME Program Evaluation & Project Coordinator (CQI & Accreditation), for more information on the resident report process.

Preparation for the 2023 internal reviews begin. Internal review preparatory drop-in sessions are available through PGME, for Program Directors and Program Administrators, to answer questions and provide general information. See the scheduled sessions here

Fall 2022

External reviews are conducted, and Action Plan Outcome Reports (APORs) are submitted to the Royal College and CFPC in resposne to the 2019 regular acceditation survey.

Winter 2023-Fall 2025

Internal reviews of regular review and APOR programs take place, as well as other programs requiring additional follow-up. 

November 2027

Next regular accreditation onsite survey. 

The Accreditation Management System (CanAMS)

The online accreditation management system is used to facilitate the external and internal review process by creating a central repository for narrative responses and evidence documents. It can be updated by programs at any time to ensure that accreditation materials are available and up to date. All Program Directors and Program Administrators have access to their program’s CanAMS. Technical issues related to CanAMS can be directed to Andrea Good, PGME Program Evaluation & Project Coordinator (CQI & Accreditation), at

Asynchronous online training on CanAMS can be found here.


For all accreditation related matters and questions, please email Andrea Good in the PGME office.