Clinical Fellow Resource Guide

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry within Western University has an enrolment of approximately 175 Clinical Fellows per year.

Clinical Fellowships are educational programs that are meant to meet specific needs of the trainees in either clinical or clinical/ research areas. Being involved in clinical processes, this group of trainees has to be credentialed/licensed in order to be able to work within the Hospital clinical areas.

In contrast with the Clinical Fellowships, Research Fellowships are strictly related to research areas, where the trainee has no patient contact; as a result, these trainees are not credentialed/licensed in order to be able to work within various research areas.

A Clinical Fellow Working Group (CFWG) was created in October 2009, having the mandate to establish and maintain best practice guidelines in recruiting and managing the administrative processes for Clinical Fellows.

This website will provide access to important information that can be used for processing Clinical Fellowsips at Western.

N.B. The recommended practices apply to Clinical Fellows only; they do not apply to Research Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows or Postdoctoral Associates.

N.B. There are numerous acronyms used when referring to the Clinical Fellowship process. Please refer to acronyms document for a detailed list.