Trainees enrolled in Ontario

The following procedure must be followed to ensure full processing of your elective:  

  1. The applicant must first contact the training program and formally request the elective of their choice, and indicate the proposed start and end dates of the rotation. For program contact information please see our Residency Training Program contact info.
  2. After the program approves the requested elective dates, the applicant must send the following documentation to in the Postgraduate Medical Education office:

    • Date of Birth
    • CPSO number
    • Start and end date of elective
    • PG level at time of elective
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • A letter of support from the applicants home program stating the dates of the elective they are approving.  
  3. After the program approves the elective time, the elective application is reviewed and a Letter of Appointment is prepared and emailed to the applicant.
  4. The letter must be signed and returned to the PGME office. Once returned, the PGME office forwards the signed letter of appointment to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).
  5. The elective applicant will receive, via email from Medical Affairs, a hospital application package that includes training modules to complete, a hospital appointment letter to sign and return, and a health review form to be completed. Elective training cannot begin until Medical Affairs has confirmed that all requirements have been met. More information on Medical Affairs requirements can be found here. **Please note, if the applicants elective is at a Distributed Site, they will not receive a hospital application package**
  6. Once the signed letter of appointment has been sent to the CPSO, the PGME office will email the Program Director, Medical Affairs, and the applicant, notifying them that the elective has been approved and fully processed.
  7. Medical Affairs will follow the confirmation of elective email with a confirmation of whether all requirements have been met and hospital privileges are in effect.