Clinical Fellows - International & Canadian

Clinical Fellows are trainees who have written their certification exam and successfully obtained specialty or subspecialty certification in their discipline. They return to postgraduate medical education for an educational experience beyond certification requirements. Training undertaken during fellowship appointments is not credited toward RCPSC/CFPC certification; no exam is written at the end of clinical fellowship. The fellowship must be supported by the residency Program Director to ensure availability of resources and assess potential impact on training programs.

Clinical Fellows must hold a certificate of registration authorizing independent practice or postgraduate education from the CPSO, obtain CMPA coverage, and meet all Medical Affairs requirements to obtain hospital privileges. Research Fellows require no CPSO certificate and will have no patient contact while pursuing non-clinical or purely research experiences. Both Clinical and Research Fellows must register with the  Postgraduate Medical Education Office.

Note: If you are registered as a PGY level trainee, you are not a fellow. Fellow is a commonly-used term when referring to upper year residents, but the use of the term does not equate to clinical fellowship training.